A letter to me…

Dear me… (and anyone else who reads an intro blog post).

You’ve always been enthusiastic about the writing and you are often looking for the latest updates, research or news from the risk and resilience industry.

You spent the last 15 years googling the subject to death whilst studying and moving between jobs.

Most of the time you come across the same old recycled stuffy content and it just doesn’t fully go into your simple brain!

You’ve always been searching for a central place to log your thoughts You’ve achieved this so far by blogging on LinkedIn, posting on other peoples channels, podcasts, webinars, white papers etc. But never in one place just for your content.

You’ve posted over 50,000 words elsewhere that’s devoted to sharing experiences and thoughts as a developing professional in the risk and resilience industry.

Whatever you are trying to interpret you always try to digest and regurgitate it from a very simple and honest place. People seem to like it and it really helps you learn.

Use this space to bring everything you’ve ever written or created into one place to give yourself and anyone else a one stop shop for content.

Let’s do this…

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